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Find out about everything environmental happening in the Bradford District such as:

Commissioning work from BEF

BEF brings together organisations and groups which provide environmental activity in Bradford.

If you are seeking to commission an environmental project or service, or wish to access the listed information in any way you can contact organisations directly. Alternatively contact the BEF coordinator (via the 'Contact BEF' link above) who will be able to advise or coordinate communication with a range of organisations on your behalf.

BEF Coordinator

Since October 2011 the BEF coordinator role has been significantly reduced due to limitations in funding. For several months BEF has not received any financial support so any BEF activity has relied on members and member organisations. BEF Reps have now been sucessful in securing a small amount of money from CNet to enable some key functions to be coordinated.

BCEP will be coordinating BEF meetings and be responsible for the general upkeep of the website. Please contact info@bcep.org.uk 01274 223236

Joining BEF

Full membership is available to anyone representing a locally managed third sector organisation. Associate membership is also available. If you would like to join as either a full or associate member, a membership form can be found here.

The forum holds meetings every couple of months to discuss partnership working, share ideas and influence council policy. Being a member of BEF entitles you to vote on BEF matters and stand to represent BEF on the strategic Environment Partnership

Adding info to this website

Full membership also allows you to add information to this website to publicise your organisation. Once a membership form has been received, an account will be created for you. Associate members may add information by submitting it to the BEF coordinator using the email address at the contact form above.

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